Project Finances

This project is a massive endeavor requiring a significant amount of programming, spritework, writing of documentation, financial support for technical expenses as well as Q&A testing later in the development cycle. If you are interested in supporting the project in some way, you have come to the right page.


To become a part of the development team, simply join the Project's Discord server, accessible via the Discord icon in the header of this page and let us know you would like to help out in some way. Have concepts or ideas you'd like us to consider adding? Don't be shy! Come say hi and suggest it!


This project has had and continues to have a number of expenses: domain name upkeep, server equipment, utility, and maintainence, and more. You can see a summation of the Project's income and expenses to the upper left and a comprehensive itemization of expenses is available by request. To donate to the project, click here.