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Project TI-Trek Updates
Significant Website Updates
Over the past few weeks, the TI-Trek informational website has seen a substantial redesign. There are now fewer pages, less text, and a more space-shooter-game-ish feel to the website. Progress is now indicated on the home page, links are consolidated, the unneeded Disweb, Messenger, and Twitter plugins have been removed and replaced with links, decreasing page load times. Come visit us at http://titrek.us and see what's new!
Welcome to Project TI-Trek
A multiplayer, first-person space combat experience coming soon to your TI-84+ CE graphing calculator!

Yes you read that right. A multiplayer game for your calculator. This game will let you convert your calculator's screen into the viewscreen of a spaceship and explore the hazards of the universe, fight with or ally with other players, complete missions, and much more, within a custom map that employs real-world astrophysics to add a layer of danger and unpredictability.

Want to find out more about the project? Feel free to peruse the website, join the Discord server to chat with the Dev Team, or contribute to the project using the "Donate" button above.
GUI Customizer v1
One of the first Web Deck features is now ready for deployment--the GUI customizer. This widget allows you to replace some of the default UI sprites in your own custom environment. It saves the sprites into your user folder. The "Build GFX" button allows you to create a zip with all the graphics and an ini file for use with MateoC's program, convpng. Feel free to test the feature and report any errors to the Dev team via the Discord widget in the Web Deck.
Welcome to the Feed
Welcome to the Project Updates RSS feed for TI-Trek. This channel will update any time a part of the project is updated, and will provide a link to the new content.