Massively Multiplayer
Using a USB cable and your computer, and later just an Ethernet cable and USB-Ethernet adapter, you will be able to play this game online from your calculator.
Much Random, Very Realistic
Randomly-generated maps, filled with stars, planets, black holes, asteroids, and more, all influenced by real-world astrophyics.
Everything Customizable
From your ships to starbases and planet and even your username and user interface, every aspect of this game is fully customizable.
All the Missions
Combat isn't the only way to get by in this game; missions are available for completion and award you tech blueprints, resources, and more.
"Web Deck"
A web-interface you can use to administrate certain parts of your experience: username, email, password, and customize your in-game interface.
Discord Server
Yup that's right, we have a Discord server, a place we can talk about planned features, deal with bugs, and more. Join using the button in the footer.